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Historical Origins of SUP

Standup paddle boarding (SUP) is widely recognised as having its genealogy rooted in the islands of Polynesia. Most note-ably but not exclusively in places such as Hawaii & Tahiti.  

Its modern incantation should be accredited to the practices of watermen such as “The Beach Boys” of Waikiki Beach in Hawaii, post WW2.  More recently in the 1990’s  Laird Hamilton & others in the Hawaiian islands began the practice using a canoe paddle to surf waves or transit bodies of water. An art now recognised as the modern sport of stand up paddle boarding . 

`SUP’ is currently the fastest growing sport in the world. 

“Standup paddle boarding”  is a sport where participants catch & surf waves or race on waterways of all description. Competitions are held all over the world for those with a competitive streak or who like to push themselves.

Waterways `SUP’ed on include  the sea, rivers, lakes and lagoons etc. Other activities on `SUP’ include;  fishing, yoga and exploring waterways while  taking  the dog(or small chid) for a ride.  

Some participants just like to be out on the water with family or friends participating in a sport which is not only fun but provides fitness with great health benefits. `SUP’ is recognised as one of the best ways to achieve core strength fitness. `SUP’ is recommended to men, women & children of all ages due to it being a low impact exercise.

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